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To understand the type of consulting we offer our clients, one must understand the context of today's hypercompetitive global environment and overarching trends in the e-business component of information technology (IT).

Over the past decade, companies have increasingly embraced various information technologies (IT) as part of their competitive strategies. Today, most businesses do not distinguish IT and business initiatives. In fact, IT is no longer a choice, but an essential fabric of business. We agree with the perspective that IT in itself has matured past the strategic phase and no longer can offer a single company unique differentiation. Companies worldwide have access to the same state of the art IS and e-Business systems. We are moving into a new era where dozens of high performance companies in the same segment are competing for the same finite markets and limited resources. Now the challenge is to improve the quality, reliability, accuracy, speed, and timeliness of information from the market and throughout the organization. Moreover, companies need transparent communication and information exchange among the human interfaces of the e-business community. Ultimately, IT and all other elements of enterprise information systems (IS) and e-Business systems help companies manage the flow of information vital to maintaining the agility of the organization to meet market demand effectively. Speed and accessibility of information exchange will differentiate the future market leaders from laggards.

Napa Consulting Group is a strategic business consulting firm providing marketing and strategic management consulting to companies seeking to leverage Internet based technologies towards achieving transparent linkage between customers, employees, supply chain partners, IT infrastructure, and e-business strategy. Providing strategic management consulting, strategy formulation, innovation creation, and marketing strategy to enterprises. Helping clients capture new sources of competitive advantage and higher performance throughout the business process. Independent marketing consultant serving clients in the Virginia, VA, Maryland, MD, Washington DC, DC, New York, NY, West Virginia, WV, North Carolina, NC, New Jersey, NJ, Boston, MA, PA, and Mid Atlantic region.



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