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Social media marketing for B2B's seeking open business models. Leveraging internet based technologies and tools to create differentiating and sustainable strategies. With the digital revolution and pervasive internet model, companies need to take a more integrated and strategic approach toward innovating new products and services. We are one of the leading strategic B2B management consulting firms focused on collaborative open innovation.

To attain the agility necessary in a hypercompetitive market, high performance companies must remove any obstacles that constrain the speed, flow, accuracy, and transparency of information exchange to achieve market leadership. This means linking your most strategic assets - knowledge workers, customers, and supply chain partners - across your intranets, extranets, and the internet.





Marketing and strategy consultant .

Moving innovation beyond the business process and supply-chain.




Frictionless E-marketing channels for reaching customers more effectively


Napa Consulting Group is a strategic business consulting firm providing marketing and strategic management consulting to companies seeking to leverage Internet based technologies towards achieving transparent linkage between customers, employees, supply chain partners, IT infrastructure, and e-business strategy. Providing strategic management consulting, strategy formulation, innovation creation, and marketing strategy to enterprises. Helping clients capture new sources of competitive advantage and higher performance throughout the business process. Independent marketing consultant serving clients in the Virginia, VA, Maryland, MD, Washington DC, DC, New York, NY, West Virginia, WV, North Carolina, NC, New Jersey, NJ, Boston, MA, PA, and Mid Atlantic region.

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