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Napa Consulting provides a wide array of advisory services customized for the specific needs of technology innovators, service providers, software / hardware OEM, and other cyclical technology based industries. We have a strong heritage in high tech and networking industry. Moreover, we understand the challenges of shrinking markets and open business models. We can bring our expertise to assist at various stages of your business plan, product development, and life cycle management:

         Innovator's Dilemma:    Why 90% of new products fail. 252 KB PDF

         Track Record :              The art and science of innovation. 39 KB PDF


  Product marketing & strategy consultant to small and mid size innovators


Developing new markets and product concepts.

Helping innovators solve business challenges relating to:

  • Business & Technology Planning
  • VC Advisory & Due Diligence
  • Vanishing Business Model
  • Consolidating Industry
  • Eroding Markets
  • Competiting Technologies
  • Price Erosion
  • ROI & Shareholder Value
  • Innovation
  • Customer Capture
  • Customer Churn & Retention
  • Network Planning
  • Patent & IP Management
  • Network Engineering
  • Network Planning
  • Services Planning
  • Product Planning & Requirements
  • New Product Development (NPD) Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Software & Technical Project Planning
  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Process & Organization Alignment
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Identifying System Integrator (SI) Partners
  • Identifying Pre & Post Service Partners
  • Establishing International SI & Channel Partners
  • Homologation of Products For International Markets
  • Vendor / Supplier Identification, Contract Negotiation, And Procurement


Napa Consulting Group is an independent strategic management consulting, marketing management, strategic planning, product strategy, product marketing, product management, and outsourced project-based marketing firm. Helping companies seek new sources of competitive advantage. Providing strategic planning, consulting, marketing, strategy formulation, and marketing strategy to innovative technology based start-ups. Creating sources of competitive advantage and higher performance throughout the business process by leveraging Internet based technologies, convergence, and new economy E-business strategies. Serving clients in the Virginia, VA, Maryland, MD, Washington, Washington DC, DC metro, New York, NY, West Virginia, WV, Pennsylvania, PA, New Jersey, NJ, Boston, Massachusetts, MA, North Carolina, NC, and Mid Atlantic region.

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