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Innovation simply to achieve efficiency, cost advantage, or intellectual property by itself is no longer a sustainable strategy. Organizations must seek to combine innovation to redefine the entire value chain, business process, and business model. How do companies like Google, ebay,, and Dell thrive in hyercompetive environments? In large measure, these world-class market leaders understand the importance of "internetworking" their E-business systems, assets, and strategy to remove any obstacles or extraneous steps in connecting customers directly to the value chain. Early on, these organizations understood the strategic implications of the proximity and speed at which information exchanged between primary stakeholders. The speed and transparency of information flow from markets dramatically reduces Dell's operational costs and risks associated with forecasting, excess inventory, and pricing. At the same time, it has achieved "customer-ization" of the basic product. Dell has removed any obstacles that impede flow of information between customers, E-business systems, IS infrastructure, supply chain partners, and Dell associates. Companies like Dell have achieved a frictionless business process. Although an online e-commerce model may not be suited for all businesses, the principles of real-time information flow and communication transparency transcend all organizations. We have reached a point in the digital revolution where technology in itself is no longer strategic. What is essential now is the internetworking of the human element to achieve information exchange and transparent communication. Like the stock markets, gains or losses reflected in price of a stock can be measured in terms of the timeliness of information.

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Leveraging Internet-based technologies to achieve competitive advantage.


"Creating a friction free and transparent communication channel with customers."

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