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In brief, we help clients solve complex business challenges and develop winning strategies. We do marketing planning, management consulting, strategy formulation, and provide interim management. Our emphasis is on leveraging the Internet, new Internet business paradigms, and technology. We can help you solve a number of complex business challenges.

Our fundamental philosophy is the speed and accuracy of information from the markets, between the stakeholder community, customers, and across the E-business system is a sustainable source of competitive advantage. We refer to this as internetworking strategy. We make information exchange and communication transparent. Our goal is to help our business clients achieve maximum shareholder value through highly customized solutions that align and link a company's strategy, e-business systems, web strategy, communication systems, and most important assets - customers and knowledge workers.

Unlike traditional firms, we take a holistic or "systems view" that encompasses your overarching strategy, business process, value chain, and human dimension - starting with your customers. The human element includes how effectively you collect and process information from your customers (market demand), attain resources from supply chain partners (input), and disseminate the information to your employees throughout the value chain (output). The Internet, the web, blogs, convergence, and other technologies are increasingly becoming a vital part of a company's competitive advantage. Read more >>




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We call this method of aligning strategy with information flow as "internetworking."
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Napa Consulting Group is a strategic business consulting firm providing marketing and strategic management consulting to companies seeking to leverage Internet based technologies towards achieving transparent linkage between customers, employees, supply chain partners, IT infrastructure, and e-business strategy. Providing strategic management consulting, strategy formulation, innovation creation, and marketing strategy to enterprises. Helping clients capture new sources of competitive advantage and higher performance throughout the business process. Independent marketing consultant serving clients in the Virginia, VA, Maryland, MD, Washington DC, DC, New York, NY, West Virginia, WV, North Carolina, NC, New Jersey, NJ, Boston, MA, PA, and Mid Atlantic region.

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